There are more slaves today than any other time in history…


Why are we hosting this event? Many students from our campus ministry went to the PASSION 2012 conference this past January, and we were all shocked by the reality that 27 million people are trapped in slavery in the world today, with 2.5 million in our very own backyard in the US. We learned so much at the conference and are eager to share this with our fellow classmates at UCF. This event will help people not only be aware of this issue but ways they can get involved.

We will have a mini-movie theater on stage where you can sit in to watch documentaries about modern day slavery. There will also be info booths where you can take a moment to read facts, gain resources, and take a quiz to see how many slaves actually work for you to maintain your standard of living. You will even have the opportunity to sign a petition to get President Obama involved!

Please help us spread the news about this event! Forward this email or upload this flyer to your social networks 🙂

VOLUNTEERS: If you’d like to help with set up, passing out flyers, or tear down please contact us ASAP!