Summer Bible Studies

Summer Bible Studies

Option 1:
Meeting weekly on Wednesdays and going through the book of Psalms, 7:30PM – Contact Cody

Option 2:
Meeting bi-weekly and going through “Two Ways to Live” study from Matthias Media, meets Thursdays, 7:30PM – Contact Ron

FREE eBook!

How is a Christian’s life different? How is the cross and victory of Jesus suppose to affect a Christian’s everyday life?

“Sanctification” is simply the life long process of a Christian becoming more and more like Jesus. This process is often frustrating because of our indwelling sin. We want to be like Jesus and do the right things, but because we are still sinners, we often fail and then feel terrible. How am I suppose to be like Jesus? Download this free eBook from Desiring God Ministries!

Looking for a church?

Are you attending a church regularly? We encourage you to check out one of these:
CrossPointe Church Waterford Lakes
Faith Baptist Church