This Week [1/28-2/3]


Friday, 2/01 @ 4:00pm
@ Barbara Ying Center (map)
Hear a special guest speaker share about his missionary work in Ukraine and see how God is sending us to be involved in what God is doing in other parts of the world!

TOUR of Wycliffe Bible Translators

Saturday, Feb 23rd, 11am-3:30pm

Dive into missions, linguistics, and translation of the Bible during this hands-on adventure. You’ll also explore the Discovery Center. This tour will expand your understanding of what God is doing all around the world today. Please RSVP on Facebook: CLICK HERE.

Great Short Read!

“Perfect in Christ Jesus.” –Colossians 1:28 NKJV

Don’t you feel in your own soul that perfection isn’t in you? Doesn’t every day teach you that? Every tear which trickles from your eye, weeps “imperfection”; every sigh which bursts from your heart, cries “imperfection;” every harsh word which proceeds from your lip, mutters “imperfection.” You have too frequently had a view of your own heart to dream for a moment of any perfection in yourself. But amidst this sad consciousness of imperfection, here is comfort for you–you are “perfect in Christ Jesus.“In God’s sight, you are “complete in Him;” even now you are “accepted in the Beloved.” But there is a second perfection, yet to be realized, which is sure to all the believers. Isn’t it delightful to look forward to the time when every stain of sin shall be removed from all believers, and we shall be presented faultless before the throne, without spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing? The Church of Christ then will be so pure, that not even the eye of Omniscience will see a spot or blemish in her; so holy and so glorious, that Hart did not go beyond the truth when he said“With my Savior’s garments on, Holy as the Holy One.”

Then shall we know, and taste, and feel the happiness of this vast but short sentence, “Perfect in Christ.” Not till then shall we fully comprehend the heights and depths of the salvation of Jesus. Doesn’t your heart leap for joy at the thought of it? Sinful as you are, you shall be sinless one day; filthy as you are, you shall be clean. Oh, what a marvelous salvation this is! Christ takes a worm and transforms it into an angel; Christ takes a dirty and deformed thing and makes it clean and matchless in His glory, peerless in His beauty, and fit to be the companion of seraphs. O my soul, stand and admire this blessed truth of perfection in Christ!

JAN 28th 2013 Morning Devotion – Charles Spurgeon