This Week [2/2-2/9]

“Everyone has their own ‘interpretation’ of the Bible, how do we know which one is right?” 
“The Bible has been translated so many times, how do we know it hasn’t been changed?”

How to Interpret the Bible

*Session 4  this Friday*

February 7th,  5:00pm
Barbara Ying Center
(Multipurpose Room)

We will continue this special series by looking at different types of genres throughout the Bible.
Don’t worry if you have not come yet, you can jump right in and join us this Friday!

LISTEN to Part 1                   LISTEN to Part 2                LISTEN to Part 3
Slides for Part 1                   Slides for Part 2               Handouts for Part 3

*We apologize for the choppiness of our recording for Part 1, we promise Part 2 & 3 are much better 🙂

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