Week of 2/17 – 2/23

What’s Next??

(After Learning How to Interpret the Bible…)

*Final session & Dinner   this Friday*
February 21,  5pm

@ Barbara Ying Center
(Multipurpose Room)

What are the next steps after learning the basics of interpreting the Bible? Find out this Friday at the final session for this series! We will enjoy a meal together as well immediately following the session at the BYC.

LISTEN to Part 1                   LISTEN to Part 2               LISTEN to Part 3
Slides for Part 1                    Slides for Part 2              Handouts for Part 3

LISTEN to Part 4
Handouts for Part 4

*We apologize for the choppiness of our recording for Part 1, we promise Part 2-4 are much better 🙂

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