Week of 4/1 – 4/7

Becoming an Outward Facing Christian

Part 3 this Friday, April 4
Barbara Ying Center
(Multipurpose room)


This week we get real practical as we learn tools to help us communicate the Gospel to our friends.
Did you pick up one of the “Life Issues” booklet from last week? Be sure to read that this week.
flyer for campus prayer outreach
Let’s Serve the Campus together!

Let’s engage with other students as we hang outside the UCF student union next Monday. We’ll have music and post up “Prayer Request” signs for students that are in need of prayer or want to pray for someone in their life. Let’s see what conversations will strike up…about life, Jesus, dream job, or someone’s favorite smoothie.Sign up for a time slot! Click Here:


Monday, April 7
UCF Student Union
Outside Patio Stage
10:30am – 1:30pm