Who We Are

SHIFT Ministries, Inc. is a network of student ministries in the Orlando area, serving mainly UCF and Valencia college campuses.  Come and meet new people, learn about who God is, learn about yourself and serve the community – as we desire not to be about religion but about Jesus, being authentic in our friendships, and exploring together the deep truths of Christianity.



  • We desire to tell others about the greatest event in history – Jesus Christ paying the penalty for our sins, in our place, enduring the punishment that we deserve so that in return we might receive what He deserved – He suffered death that was ours, that we might receive life which was His.
  • We are sinners saved by God’s grace.  We are saints and children of God saved for good works.
  • We love Jesus. We love His Church. We love His Word. We love His mission. We desire to see God raise up a new generation of people bringing them from death to life, opening their eyes to a great and holy God and turning them away from a sinful self-centered life, rescuing them from their empty hopes and misplaced trusts, healing them of their brokenness and pain, and captivating their hearts for God’s own renown – to bring His story of redemption and forgiveness and renewal to all cultures and to all peoples.
  • We want to follow God’s heart for the world and its people, and we want to give every student an opportunity to share in His passion. Through the years, SHIFT has become increasingly diverse and multicultural.  We long to see the day where people from every nation, every tribe, every language, and every people come to worship Jesus.
  • We aim to see each other come alive, to know the transforming love of Jesus Christ, and to truly follow Him as Lord and Savior.  Students would go on to become the best lawyers and doctors, the most original artists and musicians, the best athletes and teachers, the most godly businessmen and pastors because of the Gospel and to be able to communicate the implications of the Gospel in everything that they do.