Does God really exist?  Is Jesus really God who He claims to be?  If there really is a God, what does He have to do with me??

Explore the Christian faith with these resources, and we would love to talk with you more and answer any questions you may have.

Just Stop and Think
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What is the Gospel?  How do I experience God?

How do I find a good church?


Download these free Apps!

Ask Pastor John – Bible based answers to common day questions and current events – Android or iPhone

Unreached of the Day – Pray for an unreached people group every day – Android or iPhone

Youversion Bible App – Read the Bible, Bible reading plans, share notes with friends – Android or iPhone

The Story – Share the Gospel with others in this easy to follow story of God – Android or iPhone

The Jesus Film – Share the Gospel with an international student.  This film about the life of Jesus is available in over 1,100 different languages – Android or iPhone

The Gospel Coalition – Blogs, videos, and podcasts to stretch your faith – Android or iPhone


Other Resources:

Desiring God: God-centered Resources

The Village Church Resource Library

The Gospel Coalition– Videos, Articles, Blogs

Monergism– Articles, Resources, and Commentaries of the Historic Christian Faith

Third Millenium – Free Seminary/Bible video courses

Blue Letter Bible – Look up the original Hebrew and Greek words of Scripture.