New Here?

You probably landed on this page because someone told you to check us out. Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

So you may be wondering what SHIFT is.  Visit “Who We Are” to see what we are all about. Check “The Latest” to see what we’re up to this week.  Want to know who Jesus is or how to learn more about him? Click “Resources” to explore. We’d love to know you and your own story, click “Get Connected” to join us!

We meet as three groups  approaching our faith from different angles. Check them out this week:

  1. Wednesday Group
    (Why Christianity?)
  2. Thursday Group
    (Faith and Work)
  3. Friday Group
    (Girls Discipleship)

Although we are a UCF student organization, we also welcome students of all college campuses in Orlando such as Valencia, Seminole, and Rollins.  We also do Bible studies and meet ups for high school students.  Hope to see you at our next gathering!